Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Making an Exchange

Non-Fixed Price Exchange: On the Sales screen click the item you would like to return. Press “Exchange”   Choose to either return the item to the Inventory to sell again or report it as damaged if it is not prepared for resale.   Options:  If the item was damaged and the customer is taking an item of the same or equal value, simply select the product and change the “Price per item” to Zero.   If the customer would like a product that is less money please refund the first item and then make a new sale for the second Read more

Adding Bonuses for Employees

From the Manager Screen, choose “Users” and then “Reports.”   Be sure you are in the correct region the employee works in (at the top of screen). Choose the employee and the desired date range, (From date → To Date) and then click the “load” icon.   Click on the “Reimbursements” tab, then you may either add a one time reimbursement by clicking in the empty boxes or click on “Add a recurring reimbursement” in order to schedule future automatic bonuses.   Fill in the description and amount of the bonus. Then click “Save Changes.”

Viewing All Income

From the Manager Screen choose “Accounting.” Choose “Profit Loss Report.” Select desired date range. Click “Reload.”

View Hourly Average Sales

From the Manager Screen, choose “Users” and then “Reports.” Choose the employee and desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press “Load.” From the optional tabs choose “Hours.” You will then be able to see total hours at work as well as average sales per hour.

Installing the Star TSP100 Printer

Make sure all 3 cables (power to wall, cash drawer to printer, USB to computer) are connected to the back of the printer. From the login screen, choose “Settings.” Choose “Printer Drivers.” Choose “Download 32bit/64bit drivers.” Install drivers.

Comparing Employees

You have two options: Option 1 From the Manager screen, choose “Users” and then “Compare Users.” Choose the desired dates (From date → To Date) and then click “Load” icon. Option 2 From the Manager screen or from the Sales screen choose “The Real-Time Dashboard.” Choose the region (or check-mark “Show All Regions”) and choose the desired date. You can compare employees under “Total Sales By employee.”

Setting a Barcode for Products

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Locate the product you want to add a barcode for and press “Edit.” Enter in a product barcode number under either Barcode 1 or Barcode 2. Make sure “Active Product” is marked and press “Save”. To create computer generated barcodes, simply click the “Generate Barcodes” button at the top of the “Product Settings” screen and then click “Yes.”

Installing the Fingerprint Device

Connect the fingerprint device into a USB port on your computer. From the login screen, choose “Settings.” Choose “Fingerprint Drivers.” Download 32 bit/64bit drivers. Install driver.

Receiving Inventory Transfers

From the sales screen, click the “Inventory” icon at the top of the screen. Select the “Receive Inventory” tab and click “Receive Transfer” next to the new Transfer. Tip: There is an exclamation point (!) to let you know a new inventory transfer is waiting.      Enter the number of counted products into the “Quantity Received” column. Then click “Save” at the bottom.    

Freezing a Sale

From the Sales screen select the option “Freeze Sale” (icon is located at the bottom of the screen). The frozen sale is now located towards the top of the sales screen as a tab. Switch between several different sales as needed.     Tip: You may have several sales frozen at once.