Managing My Company’s Expenses

There are 2 main ways to manage expenses in your Expenses report.

Adding a one time expense and/or Adding Recurring expenses

1 From the Manager screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Expenses.”


2 Choose the desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press the refresh icon to load expenses.


3 Click the link which says “Edit Available Categories.” Then enter a new category name and press “Save” (i.e. Mall Rent, Car Rental, etc.).



Adding a One Time Expense

1 Fill in the fields to record your expense, then click “Save Changes.”



Adding a Recurring Expense

1 Now, click on the button “Add a recurring expense”.



2 Fill in the fields. The End Date should be whenever the expense is subject to end or change in amount.



3Click “Add” then “Save Changes.”

Now this expense will be taken out automatically between the dates you have chosen.


Tip: All of these expenses will be reflected in your “Profit/Loss Report.”