Editing Commissions / Splitting a Sale Unevenly

How to Edit Commissions during or after a sale and Split Commissions Unevenly 

For information on assigning User Roles or splitting a sale by percentage go to Assigning a Role/Dividing a Sale by Percentage


1 Once on the Receive Payment Screen choose the employee(s) that partook in the sale by click on their names. You will see the box around their names highlight with a blue border.

This will split the sale evenly between the selected employees.



2 To split the sale manually into specific amounts, click directly in the “Amount for commission” boxes highlighted in yellow and change the numbers to fit your needs



Tip: Numbers will still need to add up to the sale total 


If you need to split a commission with a User who is not checked in today, simply click the “Not on that list?” button and choose the User’s name.



Split commissions after a sale is complete by going to any of the following pages and clicking “Open Invoice” next to the invoice you wish to edit, then click “Edit Commissions”:

On the Sales Screen:

Receipts, Dashboard, or User Report

On the Management Screen:

Dashboard, Locations Reports, Users Reports, Accounting Invoices