Updating The Inventory

1 From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory”.
2 Choose “Management”.


3 Select the Region you want to update products from.


4 Select the Location

5 Click “Load Inventory”


6 Select the third tab from the left, “Update Inventory”.


By default, you will only see products with inventory at the chosen location.

7 Click on “Quantity To Add/Remove” to update quantities.

As shown in the example below:

Product ID 3 we are Adding an additional 2 more Milk Cleansers to the current quantity.

Product ID 8 we are Removing 1 eye serum from the current quantity.

For any products that do not need an inventory update, just skip over it and leave the “Quantity To Add/Remove” blank.


8 Click “Update Inventory”.


If their is a new product that was added, but not visible on the “Update Inventory” list, click here for further instructions.