Wrong Date/Time in Nova & Invoices

1 If the NovaPOS sales screen is showing the wrong date/time, invoices will print the wrong date/time as well and accounting reports will be inaccurate.
2 To fix, click on the computer’s Start (Windows) icon and go to your Window’s Control Panel
3 Then, click “Change Date and Time” option, change the date/time and click “Apply.”



4 The Nova sales screen will now show the correct date/time and invoices will print with the correct date/time as well.
5 To fix invoices that have already been printed with the incorrect date/time, go to Manager screen, click “Accounting” then “Invoices.”


6 Select the incorrect date range containing the invoices ans click the “load” icon.


7¬†Open each invoice and click the “Change Date” icon. You must sign in with a Full Owner username/password.