Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

Wrong Date/Time in Nova & Invoices

If the NovaPOS sales screen is showing the wrong date/time, invoices will print the wrong date/time as well and accounting reports will be inaccurate. To fix, click on the computer’s Start (Windows) icon and go to your Window’s Control Panel Then, click “Change Date and Time” option, change the date/time and click “Apply.” The Nova sales screen will now show the correct date/time and invoices will print with the correct date/time as well. To fix invoices that have already been printed with the incorrect date/time, go to Manager screen, click “Accounting” then “Invoices.” Select the incorrect date range containing the Read more

Use Only with This Location

On the Nova login screen, check the box located under “Location Password” which says “Use only with (location name)” with a Regional Manager or above username/password. Checking this box will make the “Select Region” and the “Select Location” drop-downs grey to prevent users from switching between regions and locations, forcing them to log only into the selected location.   To un-lock Nova and use for multiple locations, un-check the “Use only with (location name)” check-box and enter in a Regional Manager or above password.