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Block Windows Access

To block Windows Access, first click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen. Next, click the “Disable UAC” icon to temporarily disable User Account Control and allow Windows to be blocked. Now, locate any anti-virus software installed on the computer and temporarily disable it in order to continue with blocking Windows access. Lastly, click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen again, and select the “Block Windows Access” icon. Windows will now be blocked (don’t forget to grant internet permissions for allowed websites by clicking the “Internet” icon from the sales screen). To un-block Windows Access, simply click Read more

Recommended Hardware

For a full list of recommended hardware, please visit:

Testing Credit Card Swipe Machine

Go to the Manager’s Screen. Choose “Locations” and “Settings.”   Locate the desired location and press “Edit.”   Click on the “Merchant Services” tab.   Fill in the requested merchant information, then click the blue button which says “Click here to perform a test transaction” and swipe a card.   The test will charge your card for $0.01.

Cash Drawer/Printer is Not Working

Check to see if the printer is on. Verify that all 3 cables are attached and secured (power to wall, cash drawer to printer, USB to computer). Make sure the printer is set as default printer via the control panel. Verify that the printer’s paper is not jammed or out of paper. Verify that the printer’s lid is closed all the way. If printer is working, but cash drawer is not opening, make sure the cash drawer is not locked with a key. Download drivers again from the main page under “Settings.”

The Real-Time Dashboard

The Real-Time Dashboard is a report for Full Owners and Partial Owners. Regional Managers may also view all information with the exception of Profit and Expenses. It may be viewed from the Sales Screen, Manager’s Screen, and Mobile App. From the Sales screen, click on “Dashboard” on the top toolbar. From the Manager screen, click the “Real-time Dashboard” icon located at the bottom of the screen.   Choose between Regions or view all Regions for up to date reports on Location sales and activity.

Viewing Total Net Profit

There are 2 options to see Total Net Profit: Option 1 Press “Real-Time Dashboard” either on the Manager screen or on the Sales screen. Choose the “Region” and date (You may see total profit in all regions by checking the box saying “Show all regions”).   Option 2 Via the Manager screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Profit/Loss Report.” Choose “From date” and “To date” and press the “Load” icon (You may see total profit in all regions by checking the box saying “Show all regions”).

Viewing Cash Register Activity

From the Manager Screen choose Locations > Cash Register Activity   Choose a date range and click the “load” icon.

View the Daily Count

From the manager screen, choose “Inventory” and then “Daily Counts.”  Choose the desired dates (From Date → To Date) and press the refresh icon to load.  Locate the name of the location and the date you want to review and press “Open Count” or “Open Category Count” if the count was by Category. If there was an Error in the count, you may update the inventory to match what the employee counted by clicking the “Fix” button and saving. You may then report those items as a loss.  

Transferring Inventory

From the manager screen, choose “Inventory”, then “Transfers”. Tip: Transfers may also be accessed through Inventory Management > Update Inventory.  Click the “create a new transfer” icon in the upper right corner. Select the appropriate “source” and “destination” locations for the transfer.  Click the radio buttons to either “Update the destination right now” or “Update the destination only when the inventory is received and counted.”    Click “Load Inventory” or locate the items to transfer by using the “search” tool.  Enter in a quantity to transfer for the items that need to be transferred. Source Quantity – The number of Read more

Removing a Product from a Location

From the Manager Screen choose Inventory > Management   Select your location and load the inventory. Under the “View Inventory By Item” tab, select the product you would like to remove and click on “Remove Product.”   Click “Yes.”