Creating and Using Price Lists

Price Lists are a way to have different prices at each of your locations or to create temporary prices in the case of a holiday or sale.

1 From the management screen choose “Products” and then “Price Lists.”


2 Click on “Add New Price List.”


3 Type your Price List name into the large box.



4 Edit your prices by:


  • Clicking “Change price for all products”, choosing what you would like to change and then clicking ‘Update now.”



  • Clicking inside the individual boxes on the screen and changing the prices or using the check boxes.

5 Assign your price list to a location by clicking on “Show Assigned Locations” and checking the box next to the location you’d like.



6 Click “Save” in the bottom left corner.


Once you have created a Price List you may also turn it on or take it off by going to Locations > Settings > Location Preferences and scrolling down to “Price List.”



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